The cooperation agreement between Strasbourg and Kayseri is based on heritage conservation, social housing and urban transport and also a partnership between the architecture faculties and schools of Kayseri and Strasbourg (ENSAS).


A new cooperation agreement

A three-year cooperation agreement was signed between the two cities in October 2010. The population of Strasbourg contains many families who originally came from Kayseri, which places this agreement in a special context.

Heritage and housing

One of the flagship actions of the partnership will be support for the renovation of the historic Germir district, to strike a good balance between the district's architectural heritage and its social housing requirements.

Urban transport

The construction of a tramline in Kayseri in 2009 was the first stage of a broader project for urban transport systems and their urban integration. Strasbourg has substantial experience in the area, which it will be using to help its partner city.