The cooperation agreement with Douala sets out to provide assistance in municipal administration and local and social development policy and to encourage exchanges between schools and between associations.

Douala IV, with which Strasbourg has been working since 2004.

Support for social development

Following an early period of active exchanges between the Urban Communities of Douala and Strasbourg (1987-1991), cooperation resumed in 2004 with the signature of a partnership with the Douala IV commune, in line with the work carried out by the IRCOD Regional Institute for Cooperation and Development, which has been highly active in Cameroon since its creation in 1986.

Following the agreement, a social action work programme was drawn up , which saw the building of a pilot intersectoral social centre in the Mambanda district, which is due to open in 2012. The aim of the centre is twofold:

  • Provide a single centre for bringing together and coordinating all the social and sanitary facilities within the commune – nursery, meeting area for women, a health service, vocational training rooms and meeting rooms for local associations, etc.
  • Provide facilities and vocational training, in cooperation with UNICEF, for young people and especially street children within the district.

Development education and Culture

A development education program has been set up, with the backing of CEFODE, the Strasbourg-based organisation for cooperation and development training, between two Strasbourg lycées and the lycée of Bonabéri (Lypobo), and which includes

  • Training for Cameroon teachers through the lycée Louis Couffignal
  • Student exchanges between Lypobo and the Jean-Frédéric Oberlin lycée on the theme of AIDS, fundraising for facilities for the local social and family economy section, and the organisation of Cameroon culture days in 2008. New partners are currently being sought among Strasbourg schools to continue these exchanges.

In December 2007, Strasbourg sculptor Frédéric Keiff completed an artist's residency in the Salon Urbain de Douala cultural fair, organised by Doual’art, the Cameroon contemporary art centre. A "palaver tree" was planted in the courtyard of the centre to commemorate this exchange, which received the backing of the City of Strasbourg and the European Centre for Contemporary Art Projects.

Partners in France

  • City of Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg Teaching Hospital
  • Région Alsace
  • UNICEF (Alsace and French committee)
  • Lycée Oberlin
  • Lycée Couffignal

Partners in Cameroon

  • Douala IV Commune
  • Urban Community of Douala
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • French Embassy
  • National Committee against AIDS
  • UNICEF Cameroon
  • Lycée Polyvalent de Bonabéri
  • Doual’art