In the centre of the Upper Rhine

Strasbourg's position on the Rhine makes it a driving force for the development of the trinational region of the Upper Rhine, which is one of the most dynamic and innovation-led regions in Europe.

Strasbourg is a key player in the political and institutional cooperation organisations within the Upper Rhine, such as the Rhine Council and the Upper Rhine Conference. The city also contributes to the Trinational Metropolitan Region, which was created in December 2010.

As part of the Network of Cities of the Upper Rhine, Strasbourg enjoys regular exchanges with other cities within the area, including Karlsruhe, Basel, Fribourg and Mulhouse. The network allows its members to set out joint strategic orientations and concerted lobbying actions in the following areas:

  • transport
  • sustainable urban development
  • culture.

In November 2010, for example, Strasbourg organised the annual meeting of mayors of the cities within the Network and coordinated the seat of the Eurodistricts within the Trinational Metropolitan Region.

Cooperation between cities within the Upper Rhine helps drive economic development and create jobs, enhances Strasbourg's European positioning and increases the Euro-region's leverage with regard to European institutions.