5 certified competitive clusters in Strasbourg

Powerful catalysts for innovation and economic development in the sectors of the future

The 5 State-certified competitive clusters in Strasbourg are tasked with implementing "innovation-focused economic development projects".

The CUS has the good fortune to have 5 of the country's 71 competitive clusters on its territory, and these are powerful levers for a more competitive economy, job creation and forming profitable partnerships between companies and public research units. The CUS provides support and funding for the clusters and for cooperative partnerships certified by the clusters.

Alsace Biovalley: therapeutic innovation

Alsace Biovalley is an internationally-renowned cluster dedicated to life sciences and therapeutic innovation.

The cluster is based on two main focuses:

  • the development of new therapeutic treatments (from genetic engineering to new medicinal products)
  • surgical and medical robotics and imaging

Alsace Biovalley means:

  • 200 companies
  • 15,000 jobs
  • 150 laboratories

Go to the Alsace Biovalley website: www.alsace-biovalley.com

Vehicle of the Future

The cluster's main focuses are:

  • the urban and peri-urban vehicles of the future
  • creating solutions for mobility systems to help achieve sustainable development

The Alsace - Franche-Comté cluster means:

  • 1077 entreprises
  • 194,000 jobs
  • 160 public research teams
  • 200 higher education courses

Go to the Vehicule of the Future website: www.vehiculedufutur.com

The Fibers Innovative Cluster: eco-fibres

The cluster's main focuses are:

  • developing new fibre-based eco-materials
  • furthering the use of eco-materials
  • eco-mutation to further the development of eco-materials

The Alsace-Lorraine cluster means:

  • 2500 entreprises
  • 55,000 jobs
  • 2000 researchers

Go to the website of the Fibres cluster: www.polefibres.fr

Alsace Énergivie: driving energy efficiency

The cluster's main focuses are:

  • driving energy efficiency through developing innovation-led positive energy solutions for the building industry
  • an ambitious objective for Alsace : reducing buildings' energy consumption by 75% by 2025.

The Alsace cluster means:

  • 50 entreprises
  • 3 000 jobs
  • 500 researchers and 3 000 students

Go to the website of Alsace Énergivie: www.pole.energivie.eu

HYDREOS : water and ecosystems

HYDREOS' remit is the development of innovation-led products and services for water quality and ecosystems

The Alsace-Lorraine cluster means:

  • 250 entreprises
  • 18,000 jobs
  • 2500 researchers
  • 4060 students in the "Water" sector"

To find out more, have a look at the articles on the CUS's policy with regard to medical technology, innovative mobility and green-led innovation, which are to be found on the right.

Go to the website of Hydreos: www.hydreos.fr