Administrative centre and mairies de quartier (local administrative offices)

The 12 mairies de quartier and 2 local administrative branches are open Monday to Saturday, to help citizens with their day-to-day administrative formalities.

Services offered


  • Birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Life certificates
  • Civil partnership certificates
  • Issue of sundry other certificates
  • Applications for a Livret de Famille (family record booklet)


  • Applications for national identity card
  • Passport applications
  • Attestations d’accueil (proof of accommodation)
  • Legalisation of signature
  • Authentication of copies
  • Exit permit to leave the country
  • Census declarations

Social action

  • Issue of cartes saphir for senior citizens
  • Referral to the local social worker

Daily life

  • Sale of school restaurant tickets
  • School pupil registrations
  • Information on schooling
  • Registration on electoral list
  • Applications for the macaron résident (local parking permit - according to sector)
  • Distribution of refuse bags for waste recycling
  • Applications for allotments
  • Family quotient certificates


  • General information
  • Providing information over the telephone
  • Reporting sundry issues (roads, lighting, etc.)
  • Information relating to one-time events


Key figures

12 mairies de quartier et 2 local administrative branches are open Mondays to Saturdays.