The most cycle-friendly town in France

Strasbourg has the largest cycle network in France with some 560 km of cycle tracks and 4400 bikes available under the Vélhop bike sharing system.

Strasbourg transport policy has consistently encouraged the bicycle, a major feature that sets it apart from the other major French cities. The extensive cycle track network is a concrete example of the City's general vision of urban mobility, which seeks to discourage the use of cars within the city centre and provide genuine transport alternatives. This approach is part of a proactive policy covering urban travel, public health, sport and sustainable development.

Vélhop, an innovative bike-sharing system

The latest part of Strasbourg's strategy for encouraging the use of bicycles is the Vélhop bike-sharing initiative, which came into operation in September 2010. The aim of the system is to make cycling an integral part of our transport reflexes. Vélhop brings benefits for both the local population and for visitors and plays a role in enhancing quality of life in the city.

A new bicycle master-plan

The new bicycle master-plan, drawn up in consultation with the communes within the urban community, sets out to identify the work and facilities required for providing an even more comprehensive cycle network throughout the conurbation, and to pinpoint the priority actions to be taken to facilitate and encourage the use of bicycles, both in the city centre and the inner and outer suburbs.

The plan was approved in 2011 and its major aims are as follows:

  • double the modal share of the bicycle by 2025
  • improve the structure of the main network by enhancing connections between the major hubs
  • implement actions and services encouraging the use of the bicycle.

Key figures
  • 560 km of cycle tracks throughout the CUS
  • 4,400 Vélhop available
  • Over 360 one-way streets with a special two-way facility for bicycles
  • 19,000 bike racks offering parking space for 38,000 bikes along public thoroughfares
  • 310,000 private bikes within the CUS

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