The City's sports policy

Sport is important for a large proportion of the City's population and the City Council is a firm believer in the principle of Sport for All, irrespective of age and fitness levels.

Enjoying sport is something that people from all walks of life must be able to experience, wherever they are in the City and Urban Community

Sport is a great driver for bringing people together and Strasbourg has 220 sports clubs, representing 126 different sports. Strasbourg's sports facilities have some 5 million users every year, more than any other of the City's amenities.


The Etats Généraux du Sport public forum covered a 12 month period from 2009 to 2010 and produced an inventory of sport and the people doing sports in Strasbourg, while also providing the outline for the new municipal sports policy.

 The six main points of the new sports policy are as follows:

  • develop a new range of services for physical activity,
  • encourage individual well-being through physical activity
  • stimulate the logic of shared projects
  • promote sporting excellence and cultivate an international image
  • encourage sport as a driver of sustainable development
  • monitor the development of sports and physical activities on an ongoing basis,

The City operates a comprehensive programme of neighbourhood actions for encouraging sport and physical activity, including the municipal sports school, the Passion Sport operation in summer, encouraging the development of gentle sporting activities, financial support for associations and support for their sports projects, partnerships to support sport for the disabled, the development of sports activities for older citizens and inter-generational sports fixtures.

The City also provides financial support for the city's football club, RC Strasbourg, its basketball club, SIG, and a number of high-level amateur clubs, as well as for athletes selected for the 2012 London Olympics, clear signs of its determination to make Strasbourg an important sports centre on the national and international stage.