Gentle sports activities

People of all ages can take part in gentle sports activities on weekdays and at weekends, held in sports facilities and public parks throughout the city.

Gentle sports are physical and/or mental activities which focus on well-being and pleasure to encourage good health.

They are meant for people of all ages (from 16 upwards), including older people and those with reduced mobility, disabled people, people with specific health problems such as obesity, respiratory difficulties, difficulties with joints, stress and fatigue.

The activities are run by associations and take place on weekdays and at weekends, except during the school holidays. Activities include Qi Gong, Taïchi Chuan, Yoga, Stretching and Nordic walking..

Where to go

  • the Bon Pasteur gymnasium
    Boulevard Jean Sébastien Bach (Orangerie)
  • the Marcelle Cahn gymnasium
    rue du Loux (Poteries)
  • the Tennis Club de Strasbourg
    rue de Coubertin (Wacken)
  • the Schwilgué** gymnasium
    8-14 rue de la Liepvrette (Cité de l'Ill)
  • the Louvois gymnasium
    rue Louvois (Esplanade)
  • the communal room at the Baggersee**
    Plan d'eau du Baggersee (Meinau)
  • the Bergerie Park
    rue du Rieth (Cronenbourg)

**gentle sports activities for senior citizens only


N.B: depending on weather conditions, some activities may be held outside.

Key figures
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Source : CUS