Théâtre Jeune Public

The TJP appeals to a wide audience of children, young people and adults. It stages performances by companies from France and abroad.

The TJP was created in 1974 and, since 1991, has been the Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace. The 2012/13 season will see a move towards puppetry, which will take a wide-ranging look at the current contemporary and international puppetry scene, with performances, events, art laboratories and impromptu happenings.

The centre's work is aimed at a wide public of children, young people and adults, while its programming has a strong European leaning, with shows specially created for the TJP, along with coproductions and performances staged by companies from France and abroad.


A series of events, including workshops, puppetry classes and a reading committee will help the centre reach out to meet its public.

Highlights of the season include the Giboulées de la Marionnette international biennial and the European art schools' festival

The TJP has two theatres, the smaller Petite Scène, rue du Pont St Martin and the main stage, Grande Scène, rue des Balayeurs