Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum offers fascinating insights for people of all ages into far-flung regions of the world, such as the Arctic and the Andes, as well as areas closer to home.

The Zoological Museum was built at the latter end of the 19th century as part of the German Imperial University. It houses a remarkable range of zoological collections, which give visitors an excellent idea of fauna both across the world and closer to home.

The tour of the museum takes the visitor from the freezing-cold climes of the Arctic and the Andes right through to the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The exhibitions illustrate the fragility of nature, through sections devoted to animals which have become extinct both in Alsace and the rest of the world. There is also a section devoted to the history of the museum and another one with over 3000 bird specimens.

The museum regularly stages special exhibitions and workshops, appealing to publics of different ages. Books and reviews are available in the library, for adults and children alike, while storytelling is also a popular feature of the museum's activities.