Garden of Sciences

The "Garden of Sciences" helps the public explore scientific and technical culture

The Jardin des Sciences was set up in 2008 to disseminate the actions of scientific and technical culture carried out within the University of Strasbourg.

A series of cultural events

The programme is designed for a wide audience and includes the Fête de la science and the Nuit des chercheurs in autumn, the Kids' University in the University's laboratories, conferences and discussions (Thursdays, the Physics Institute) and "cafés-scientifiques".

Museums, collections and others

The Planetarium

The Planetarium is on the University campus and is used both for exhibitions and for exploring the stars and galaxies, activities which are intended to appeal to the general public and improve our understanding of the universe.

The great dome of the Observatory, and "Crypte aux étoiles" exhibition rooms are not to be missed.

Museums and collections

The University of Strasbourg possesses a number of highly interesting museum collections, which include the Herbarium in the Institute of Botany, the Egyptian collection of the Institute of Egyptology, and the palaeontological, anatomical, mineralogy and moulding collections, which can be seen visited either during open days or in temporary exhibitions.

The Galerie d'Actualité Scientifique

This gallery stages exhibitions and events designed to help its public explore topics of current scientific interest. Three exhibitions are staged each year, along with meetings with scientists, to give the audience an idea of the social, economic and ethical dimension of science.