The Strasbourg Zénith

The Zénith can accommodate up to 12,000 people and is a superb venue for concerts, conventions, major sports events and private functions.

An Aladdin's lamp for large-scale events

The Strasbourg Zenith filled a big gap in the city's music and concert venues and now stages major concerts and shows with international stars. Designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas and opened in 2008, it is mainly used for variety shows and modern music. Star acts such as Lady Gaga, Ramstein, Coldplay, Elton John, Mylene Farmer, Johnny Hallyday, and the Cirque du Soleil have all performed there. The Zénith's versatile design means it can be adapted for conventions and major sports events, such as the X Trial World Championships.

Fuksas' design emphasises sustainable development, energy saving features and used environmentally friendly materials. It comprises a metal framework with a concrete shell and is covered by a translucent, orange-coloured fiberglass coat, which captures light in the daytime and reflects it at night. Its distinctive design could be compared to a giant Aladdin's lamp.

The Zénith offers the city and the whole of the eastern part of France a giant venue, which attracts audiences from a wide area.

Strasbourg - the biggest Zénith in France

The Strasbourg Europe Zénith is the biggest Zénith in France, and can accommodate up to 12,000 spectators. Measuring 110 m x 140, it has a total surface area of over 6000 m². The huge, modular main auditorium contains two giant screens and its concerts and events attract people from Germany, as well as from around Strasbourg.