La Laiterie

La Laiterie is a venue staging over 150 gigs and 3 festivals every season.

La Laiterie – Strasbourg's venue for modern music -stages over 150 gigs each season, as well as 3 festivals.


La Laiterie has been run by Artefact PRL since 1994 and its dense, eclectic programming reflects the current music scene, within the frame of a strong, long-term artistic project. The venue's gigs attract over 100,000 people every year.

Between 450 and 650 international, regional and local artists and bands perform at La Laiterie each year, and these include rising and newly discovered artists in every genre of popular music, as well as highly specialised musicians. The common thread between the concerts is the artistic excellence that personifies the venue. Artefact regularly stages exclusive gigs, both at regional and national level.