Les Nuits Européennes

Every year in October the Nuits Européennes come to Strasbourg for a highly original and innovative Festival of world music, that has gained an enviable reputation on the international stage.

Since it started some 15 years ago Les Nuits Européennes has become a key date in Strasbourg's cultural programme, enhancing the City's international image with a voyage into the cultural diversity of Europe and world music.

The festival has a strong artistic identity which encourages exchanges and dialogue between cultures and between artists and brings the public into close and immediate contact with the music and the players.

The lineup over the years has included a whole host of international stars, including David Krakauer, Balkan Beat Box, Massilia Sound System, Mass Hysteria, Bumcello, Hightone, Kid Koala, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Anthony Joseph, Danyel Waro, Gablé, Coldcut, Shantel, Staff Benda Bilili, Amparo Sanchez, Daau, Erik Truffaz and many others…

The festival has also built up a wide network of partner towns and cities, festivals and local institutions. Regular artistic exchanges have been set up with St Petersburg, Barcelona and Catalonia, Spanish and Italian cultural Institutes, South Africa and Dakhla (Morocco).

Come along to the next Nuits Européennes, discover great music and have a great time!